How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

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How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

Hello! When I moved into my new home, I was really happy with the property and the large garden. However, I was really disappointed to discover that a tree growing in the garden obscured my view of the ocean. I found it really annoying so I asked a friend to refer me to a local tree service. The tree service guys were really great. They assessed the situation and quickly cut down the tree and dealt with the stump that remained. I was so impressed and I learnt so much that I decided to start this blog to offer advice to others.


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Stump Grinding and Other Garden Maintaining Practices

A well maintained and looked after garden creates the feeling of tranquillity and peace. This is a place you can go and take your time off, letting go of all the pressure involved in the day to day activities. When maintaining your garden, there are three main areas you can focus on which include stump grinding, leaf mulching as well as tree trimming.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding relates to a landscaping activity which is done on a recently cut down tree. To grind a stump, you require special machinery which will do the task faster leaving behind a flat and clean surface. There are many reasons why a tree stump has to be removed. In spite of their annoying nature, tree stumps have the capability of causing new tree growth in cases where the stump had not completely died. The sole reason for the existence of the stump was to remain with a treeless space. However, keeping a tree stump for far too long can cause new sprouts to form around it. The many tree spouts are not a beautiful sight to the garden and removing the sprouts can be expensive as they will keep on growing back at the base of the stump. Such trees can leach nutrients from the soils starving most of your valued plants. The decaying tree stump can also attract insects such as termites, beetles, borers and ants. Such insects might get into your home causing life to be somewhat unbearable.

Leaf Mulching

A leaf mulch is a layer of shredded leaves which is applied to the soil surface. The leaf mulch is used in the creation of a weed barrier that prevents unwanted plants as well as grasses from growing. The leaf mulch also provides insulation for plants during winter seasons. It also helps protect the earthworms in your garden as they are also essential creatures to the growth of plants. The worms burrow holes inside the soil which assist in soil aeration. When the mulch covers the ground, the earthworms become protected from the birds which feed on them.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming refers to the process of cutting away certain branches from a tree. The tree trimming is done as a measure which is to benefit the entire tree. This is through the removal of several dead, diseased or damaged branches. Trimming a tree is also done for an aesthetic appeal. This maintains the appearance and shape of the tree to create beauty within the garden.