How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

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How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

Hello! When I moved into my new home, I was really happy with the property and the large garden. However, I was really disappointed to discover that a tree growing in the garden obscured my view of the ocean. I found it really annoying so I asked a friend to refer me to a local tree service. The tree service guys were really great. They assessed the situation and quickly cut down the tree and dealt with the stump that remained. I was so impressed and I learnt so much that I decided to start this blog to offer advice to others.


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The Pitfalls of DIY Land Clearance: Why DIY Land Clearance is a Risky Business

Clearing a plot of land without the assistance of trained professionals comes with many risks. This is especially true when that land contains mature trees. Yes, you will be able to complete rudimentary tasks, such as clearing away brambles, bushes and weeds. However, without the appropriate knowledge, skills or machinery, more complicated tasks could prove dangerous. Before you commit to tackling an overgrown plot of land on your own, it would be prudent to first evaluate the risks. Read More 

Tips for Understanding and Managing the Issues that Affect Tree Health

Trees are beautiful. They add curb appeal to your home's outdoor space, provide the much-needed shade during the summer, and act as habitats for the birds that chirp outside your house every dawn. It can be heartbreaking when you find that one or more trees in your backyard are slowly dying or showing signs of poor health. Several factors can act as a threat to your trees' health. Understanding these issues can help you come up with better ways of promoting your trees' health and extending their lifespan. Read More 

When Pines Drop Oodles of Needles: Why Your Pine Is Dropping so Many Needles

If you have noticed that your pine trees are suddenly dropping a worrying amount of needles, you would be wise to wonder if your trees are okay or not. But before you jump to conclusions, you should know that dropping needles does not necessarily mean that your tree is sick. Just like deciduous trees, which shed their leaves in autumn, pine trees also shed their pine needles in autumn. So, the first thing you should do is rule out the possibility that your tree is sick. Read More 

Ideas on What to Do With Trees Removed From Your Residential Property

Although trees are a vital natural resource, some trees may pose significant risks to your home, including those leaning towards the house, driveway or children's play area. Tree removal services play an integral part when it comes to the removal of such trees. Hiring the services of a professional arbourist would ensure safe and efficient removal of trees from your property. You may wonder about what purpose the trees can serve once they are removed. Read More 

Three reasons to have a diseased tree in your garden cut down by an arborist

Many homeowners choose to ignore the fact that some of the trees in their gardens are diseased; this is usually because they believe that diseased trees are harmless. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Here are three reasons why you should consider having your diseased tree cut down by an arborist: Disease can affect the tree's structural stability If a tree's root system becomes infected with bacteria, it could end up becoming structurally unstable. Read More