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How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

Hello! When I moved into my new home, I was really happy with the property and the large garden. However, I was really disappointed to discover that a tree growing in the garden obscured my view of the ocean. I found it really annoying so I asked a friend to refer me to a local tree service. The tree service guys were really great. They assessed the situation and quickly cut down the tree and dealt with the stump that remained. I was so impressed and I learnt so much that I decided to start this blog to offer advice to others.



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Three reasons to have a diseased tree in your garden cut down by an arborist

Many homeowners choose to ignore the fact that some of the trees in their gardens are diseased; this is usually because they believe that diseased trees are harmless. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Here are three reasons why you should consider having your diseased tree cut down by an arborist:

Disease can affect the tree's structural stability

If a tree's root system becomes infected with bacteria, it could end up becoming structurally unstable. This is because the roots are designed to keep the tree firmly attached to the ground; if this section becomes weakened as a result of disease, the tree will eventually collapse. If this should happen whilst you, your family members or your pets are spending time in the garden, one of you could be seriously injured by the falling tree.

Even if the garden is empty at the time of the collapse, the tree could still end up doing severe damage to your patio, your garden furniture or (if it is located close to your house) the roof of your property. This type of damage could cost a small fortune to repair.

A diseased tree can have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your garden

If you enjoy having a beautiful garden, or if you intend to sell your home soon and want the garden to be as appealing as possible to potential buyers, then it's worth hiring an arborist to cut down any diseased trees on your property.

Trees which have been infected with a disease are generally very unsightly; their bark usually peels and rots away, their leaves end up covered with brown marks and many also have large, ugly growths called 'burls' on their trunks.

If the diseased tree is in a prominent spot in your garden, its appearance could detract from the rest of the area's beauty. In this situation, having it cut down could have a hugely positive impact on the rest of your outdoor space.

Tree diseases can spread

If you have multiple trees in your garden, it is crucial to cut down any ones which start showing signs of disease, as the infection could spread to your other healthy trees in a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for tree disease to spread. If for example, you walk over the exposed root of a diseased tree, the bacteria on it could be transferred to the soles of your shoes. If you then walk over to a healthy tree and the bacteria on your shoes touches any part of the tree's structure, the tree could become infected.

As such, whilst it might be a nuisance to arrange for one of your trees to be removed, doing so could spare you the hassle and expense of removing all of your garden's trees later down the line.