How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

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How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

Hello! When I moved into my new home, I was really happy with the property and the large garden. However, I was really disappointed to discover that a tree growing in the garden obscured my view of the ocean. I found it really annoying so I asked a friend to refer me to a local tree service. The tree service guys were really great. They assessed the situation and quickly cut down the tree and dealt with the stump that remained. I was so impressed and I learnt so much that I decided to start this blog to offer advice to others.



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Tips for Understanding and Managing the Issues that Affect Tree Health

Trees are beautiful. They add curb appeal to your home's outdoor space, provide the much-needed shade during the summer, and act as habitats for the birds that chirp outside your house every dawn. It can be heartbreaking when you find that one or more trees in your backyard are slowly dying or showing signs of poor health. Several factors can act as a threat to your trees' health. Understanding these issues can help you come up with better ways of promoting your trees' health and extending their lifespan.

Atmospheric pollutants

The air in the area you live can have a significant impact on the health of your trees. Polluted air with sulphur dioxide, fluorides, and oxides can slowly weaken a tree's structure. Over time, the tree becomes vulnerable to pest infestation, yellowing of the leaves, and weakening of the roots, and will be more likely to fall if there is a storm.

Although there is little you can do to prevent environmental pollution in your area, some simple adjustments in your home can help save your trees. For instance, you can avoid burning charcoal and other substances that emit carbon. Also, you should always keep your vehicles tuned and limit the use of internal combustion engines which increase air pollution.

Landscaping practices

Every homeowner carries out landscaping to beautify their backyard. However, those power tools such as mowers can have a significant effect on the health of your trees. When used too close to the trees, tools like lawn mowers and weed whips get rid of the grass and weed covering around the trees. The plants help to compact the soil and protect the roots underneath. When they are eliminated, the soil becomes less compact and does not offer adequate stability for the tree roots. Also, these tools can accidentally cut the roots as you mow around the tree. To avoid this, you should always leave a buffer of around five feet around the tree trunk when using garden tools.

Structural renovations

When you are thinking about knocking down a wall in your home or building an extension, you probably have to hire large pieces of machinery such as forklifts and earthmoving equipment. Also, you may have to disturb the soil, dig a foundation, and carry out other disruptive activities as you remodel the home. These construction activities can have detrimental effects on their health. Tree roots may get chopped off, and the soil that's holding the primary roots may be disturbed. Unless you wish to get rid of a tree and pave the way for the structure, it is essential to remodel with your trees locations in mind.

Contact a tree specialist if you have any trees in your home that are showing signs of poor health and require attention.