How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

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How a Tree Service Can Improve Your Life

Hello! When I moved into my new home, I was really happy with the property and the large garden. However, I was really disappointed to discover that a tree growing in the garden obscured my view of the ocean. I found it really annoying so I asked a friend to refer me to a local tree service. The tree service guys were really great. They assessed the situation and quickly cut down the tree and dealt with the stump that remained. I was so impressed and I learnt so much that I decided to start this blog to offer advice to others.


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Stump Grinding: Enhancing Your Garden Look Through Stump Removal

If you have a fallen tree in your garden, you possibly have a tree stump standing on your lawn. The tree branches and twigs are easy to remove and get rid of as compared to the huge stump stuck in the ground. Sometimes digging it out is such a hectic and hard task, hence the need for specialised equipment like a stump grinder. A stump grinder breaks down the stump and makes it mulch that you can then use. Find out more about the stump grinding process.

The Art of Stump Grinding

If you have small stumps, it is possible to do the grinding by yourself since they are easy to remove. Smaller stump grinders are cheap to hire and work with since they are about the same size as a lawnmower. You can run the stump grinder and complete eradication of the stump all on your own.

Safety in Handling the Equipment

The first thing to do while using the stump grinder is to make sure that you are safe. Safety, in this case, means that you are in the right gear such as gloves, long pants as well as work boots. When the stump grinder is turned on, it is advisable that you do not go near the blades and the cutters. A chainsaw is then used to cut the stump as low as possible to make the grinding task easier. It is necessary that you read and understand how to use a chainsaw for you to be able to get rid of the stump in your garden.

The stump grinder is then used to grind the remaining part of the tree stump. Depending on the model of your stump grinder, you may need to use different speeds to complete the task. The size of the stump is also a consideration to make while getting the stump grinder. It is easy to manipulate and operate the machine if your stump is considerably small since it needs less effort as compared to larger stumps. If you feel that the stump is too huge for you to handle, it is advisable that you ask for professional help with stump grinding.

Covering Up the Stump Hole

The last step is covering up what is left to avoid having those ugly holes in your garden. If the stump was in the lawn, you can fill the hole up with soil and then scatter grass seeds so that it evenly blends in with the environment. If it is your garden, you need to fill up the space with soil and plant your veggies and/or flowers.